[Samba] Automated printer driver problems

daniel.jarboe at custserv.com daniel.jarboe at custserv.com
Fri Mar 21 12:52:44 GMT 2003

> driver files have appeared in /usr/local/samba/printer_drivers/W32X86
> owned by the person/group of the user who uploaded them (me).

Are they readable by other users who will be installing the drivers?

> If I now attempt to view the properties of the printer on the server
> (navigate to network neighbourhood -> printers -> Laserjet_6MP ->
> properties), I still got the message "Device settings cannot 
> be displayed.
> The driver for the specified printer is not installed...", so 
> the driver
> is obviously not associated with the printer.
> Attempting to set the driver for the printer from the drop down list
> available in the 'Advanced' tab of the dialogue box and clicking 'OK'
> gives me the message 'Printer settings could not be saved' 
> and the driver
> does not become associated with the printer in question.

I've been getting 'Printer settings could not be saved' with recent
sambas.  Anything in the logs about an unknown specversion in
devicemode?  I've been getting that for some print drivers, with no
responses in samba-technical.

> Do I need to run something like rpcclient server -U root%secret -c
> "setdriver Laserjet_6MP \"HP LaserJet 6P/6MP - PostScript\"" 
> to get the
> server to associate the driver with the printer in question?

You shouldn't have to.  When I do, and I pull up the printer panel, it
shows the printer model associated with that driver, but still get the
by now all to familiar and painful "Device settings cannot be
displayed...." when I go into properties.  Very frustrating.

~ Daniel


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