[Samba] Old bug resurfacing?

Mark Bainter mark-smb at webtech.dresser.com
Thu Mar 20 20:32:56 GMT 2003

Rashkae [rashkae at tigershaunt.com] wrote:
> Yikes, I was never even aware of this issue.  Unfortunately, it looks like
> you need more than just a glibc recompile.  This article may be of value
> to you if you attempt this course:
> http://radu.rendec.ines.ro/howto/32groups.html

Yeah, I've never run up against it before, but this box has a
rather convoluted model that isn't well supported by the 
basic unix permissions structure.

Thanks for the article.  I figured on most of that already, and
none of it is particularly daunting, but I had no knowledge of
the procps bug.  That would've been a pain. ;-)

I wish reiserfs had support for ACLs, it'd make this whole problem
moot.  :-(

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