[Samba] samba & VISIO documents

Kevin Tung ktung at greaterthanone.com
Thu Mar 20 17:35:46 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I am having a strange problem after migrating to Rehat 8.0 and SMBD version
2.2.5 from RH 7.3 & SMB 2.2.3a.

Everything appears to work fine, with the exception of the failure to open
"VISIO" documents.  This is strange because it only happens to VISIO, all
other document types open with no problem.  When someone tries to open a
visio document, VISIO prompts "file not found".  Physically copying the file
to a local drive and THEN opening it works fine, which suggests that the
data wasn't corrupt.

Turning the debuglevel on the smb process revealed that visio is, for some
reason.. looking for a bunch of windows dll's in the Samba share.  But this
happened on 7.3 & SMB 2.2.3a as well, yet it works fine there.

Were there any significant changes made to 2.2.5 that could've caused this
strange problem?  I've googled this topic to death but found nothing
relevant thus far.  Hopefully someone in this group can shed some light?


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