[Samba] WinXP DFS problems, debugging with dfsutil.exe

Helen Nulty hnulty at email.unc.edu
Thu Mar 20 15:30:29 GMT 2003


By way of confirmation of dfs problems with 2.2.8, we are unable to make
msdfs root shares work for WinXP clients when we map them using the netbios
alias.  With use of LMHOSTS file the shares work when we map them using the
netbios name.  Everything works fine with WinNT and Win2K.

Helen Nulty

Luc Lalonde wrote:

> Hello Johan,
> I'm having the same problems with DFS and WinXP clients since I upgraded
>   to 2.2.8.
> I tried to clear the cache on the client side with dfsutil.exe that
> comes with the Win2000 SP2 but to no avail.
> Can anyone else confirm this problem?
> It's also strange that on the WinXP clients the version of the samba
> server is still registered as a previous version (2.2.6 or 2.2.7).
> Cheers.
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