[Samba] Old bug resurfacing?

Mark Bainter mark at webtech.dresser.com
Wed Mar 19 23:52:10 GMT 2003

I found this in the archives:

It pertains pretty directly to the problem I'm seeing.
I first started having it with my 2.7 installed version
so I upgraded to 2.8.  I'm still having the same problem.

Basically, I have a group of web developers that use
the linux/samba server for editing files for the site.
All the files are "owned" by root.  The groups vary
based on the developers with access, and the files have
664 permissions.  (Directories have 2664

   path = /path/to/www
   public = yes
   writable = yes
   write list = @developers
   force create mode = 0664
   force directory mode = 2775
   printable = no

Everything was working great until a few days ago
(while I was on vacation - of course) one of them 
discovered that they couldn't overwrite files in 
a particular subfolder.  I've been racking my brains
trying to figure it out.  Nothing shows up in the
logs, and if I go up a folder everything works fine.

All the folder perms are good, and the file perms
are good.  And the perms of our local copies aren't
actually denying it, and the files are not in use.

If I copy the files using the same user(s) via ssh
everything works just dandy.  Has the same bug 
cropped up again or is this something different?

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