[Samba] Re: Re-Using Machine Names on Samba Domain

John E. Mayorga jmayorga at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 19 19:22:54 GMT 2003

Michael, and anyone else,

So, does this mean that it is not necessary to delete or modify any of 
the *.tdb files.

I tried the following:

1) Changing the workstation from domain to workgroup
2) Deleting the machine account from smbpasswd and /etc/passwd
3) Trying to rejoin the domain

I got the typical error message received when a second workstation is 
joined to a domain using a machine name already in use.

Any ideas, clues, hints?


John E. Mayorga

Michael Heironimus wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 04:10:27PM -0800, John E. Mayorga wrote:
>>I am a system administrator at a small company using Samba 2.2.7a as a 
>>PDC on Red Hat Linux 7.3. Everything has been going fantastic, but now I 
>>have to rebuild the secretary's Windows 2000 system and re-join the 
>>domain with the rebuilt system using the same machine name as before.
>>What all do I have to do with Samba to get this to work? None of the 
>>books I have, or the online docs I've read, or the Google searches I've 
>>done have turned up anything.
> When I've done this all I ever had to do was make sure to remove the
> workstation's machine account from Samba (the smbpasswd account, the
> system account in /etc/passwd doesn't matter) before rejoining it.

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