[Samba] administration

mark lists at xinot.net
Wed Mar 19 10:18:34 GMT 2003

adel essafi wrote:

> hi all
> are there any tools that allow me to administrate SAMBA.
> for example ; can I allow for a particilar user to log from 10h to 
> 12.....
> thanks
While I'm not sure if there are easier ways to do this, you can have a 
cron job run which will disable a particular account.

example root crontab

0 10 * * * /<path to your>/smbpasswd -e LIMITEDUSER
0 12 * * * /<path to your>/smbpasswd -d LIMITEDUSER

Which would enable LIMITEDUSER at 10:00 and disable them at 12. 

And there is swat for web-based administration of a samba server.


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