[Samba] Ghosting Linux Partitions.

JJunge at paritaet-th.de JJunge at paritaet-th.de
Wed Mar 19 09:21:28 GMT 2003

Ghosting ????
Why, you are useing linux.

Boot your system from cd.

Make the filesystem on the new hd
      mke2fs .....

Mount the old and the new hd, eg.:

      mkdir /OLD
      mkdir /NEW
      mount /dev/hda5 /OLD
      mount /dev/sda1 /NEW

Change to the old hd

      cd /OLD

use tar to archive the old partionion im memory and untar it on the new hd
with keeping all the flags:

      tar -cSp --numeric-owner -f - . | ( cd /NEW && tar xSpvf - )

Write the boot manager to the new hd.
That's all.

Taken from http://sdb.suse.de/de/sdb/html/maddin_kopieren.html
But this is a german source.

resize2fs will not work on ext3

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