[Samba] mp3 files not playing from win98-client

Christian Raack c.raack at gmx.de
Wed Mar 19 08:43:35 GMT 2003

well I have done all this(not only with winamp)...no chance....yesterday I
tried it with a linux client (suse 8.0 as well) on the same machine the win 98
client was running before and it does not work neither - then I was mounting
the share with NFS and i could play the mp3 files!!!  ...quite strange isn't
there is still no problem copying the same mp3-files from the server to the
win98 clients using samba...

is anyone interested in parts of the log-files and traces of the
network-traffic (done by ethereal)  ???
I can't help me anymore !!!
> I can play mp3's fine stored on a samba server with windows98 and winamp.
> Do you enqueue them using the windows file browser or try to add them with
> the add option in winamp. What happens if you just try to copy and paste
> with the windows file browser?
> Joel
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 12:17:34AM +0100, Christian Raack wrote:
> > hello.....
> > 
> > i am running a samba server (samba 2.2.3a on suse linux 8.0) , two win 
> > 98 client and one win xp client.
> > 
> > the access to the samba-shares and the filetransfer works very fine with
> > all clients.
> > 
> > but if i want to play mp3-files that are stored on the server from the 
> > win 98 clients nothing happens...winamp just 'hangs' trying it....there 
> > is no problem with the xp client
> > 
> > any idea??
> > 
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