[Samba] Samba will not tell win xp about the groups it hosts

Jeffrey D. Means meaje at meanspc.com
Wed Mar 19 05:53:27 GMT 2003

When trying to add the Domain Administrators group to my win xp box I
got the following message
An object named "S-1-5-21-3159134263-2594277444..." cannot be found.
Check the selected object types and location for accuracy and ensure
that you typed the object name correctly, or remove this object from the
I have followed all the docs I can find for making windows xp talk to
samba registry is patched.  Win xp will find my users but not groups.  I
am using samba-3.0alpha22 with LDAP as a passdb backend.  Do I need to
do something with LDAP??
Jeff Means
meaje at meanspc.com

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