[Samba] Windows XP + Samba

Ulrich Kohlhase Ulrich.Kohlhase at t-online.de
Wed Mar 19 02:27:50 GMT 2003


> I am trying to make windows XP to legalize in the SAMBA,
> I configured the samba to be dominio Master all perfect one.
> I obtain until adding the XP for dominio of the samba.
> Now it comes the problems:
> 1.  Always that I effect login, appears a screen for password change.
> How to remove this?
> 2.  I do not want to be moving of profile, I want one profile for all
> the usuarios that to login in that one scheme, as to make this?

1. Are you sure you get the password change message when logging in to the
domain? As ra as I know Samba doesn't support password change dialogs at
least in 2.x versions so it's got to be some kind of local password ?!?
Strange ...
2. Have a look at mandatory profiles.

Good luck,

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