[Samba] Re: File and Directory permissions

Marco De Vitis starless at supereva.it
Wed Mar 19 01:16:50 GMT 2003

On Thu, 20 Mar 2003 05:18:56 +1100, Benjamin Stewart -NEW wrote:

> morning I was asked to restrict access to a particular directory in a 
> particular share to a group of users. How do I do this ? Am I better to 
> create a new share and share that folder out from there setting 
> permissions etc.
> When the files were stored on win2000 server I was able to go to the 
> security tab and add/select/change users from there. Is there a way to 
> do this from the linux box where ths files are stored ?

Well, yes, on Linux you could create a new group, add the needed users 
to the group, then set this group as the owner for the directory and all 
its contents (chown -R user.group directory), and finally set the right 
permissions on dir and contents (chmod -R 770 directory).

Of course, some smb.conf options for the share could conflict with 
these, e.g. "admin users", "force user"...
A separate share would be a "cleaner" solution.


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