[Samba] Multiple Groups, Different Permissions problem

Rick Segeberg rick.segeberg at waterford.org
Wed Mar 19 00:50:25 GMT 2003

Looks like you're going to need to enable ACL support in both Samba and your linux kernel (if it's not already there).  This will most likely require a kernel patch and rebuild as well as recompiling samba (unless you happened to compile with that option the 1st time).  You can then use linux and/or windows tools to set the acl's.  Here's some places to start looking:
- the samba documentation
- acl.bestbits.at
- www.netmechanix.net/linux/samba/sambahowto1.html
Rick Segeberg
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	Hello everyone,
	I need to setup some directories (in RHL 7.2 running Samba 2.2.3a w/ W2K
	PDC) to allow multiple groups, each of which has different permissions.  If
	this can be done on the Linux side, this would be preferred, but if it has
	to be done in Samba, any help in understanding how to make this happen is
	appreciated.  I know Windows NT/W2K allows multiple groups and I would think
	Linux would as well, but I cannot find in my documentation anything about
	this subject.
	Kevin Bramblett
	Network Administrator
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