[Samba] NT4 profiles won't load after upgrade to 2.2.8

Dave Addison dave at redmoor.org.uk
Tue Mar 18 23:26:55 GMT 2003


I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on this. I've upgraded 
two machines from RedHat 7.2s default 2.2.1 RPM of Samba to an RPM of 
2.2.8 compiled from the source RPM on the samba download site. One 
server has XP clients and this has no problems. The other has a mix of 
Windows 95/98 and NT4. The 95/98 clients worked fine but the NT4 
machines both had to be removed from and rejoined to the domain. After 
this, the roaming profiles for these machines seemed damaged. Desktop 
and start menu were loaded OK but none of the registry settings were 

Any ideas what caused this and, more importantly, what I should do to 
stop it happening again in the future. One of the NT4 machines was my 
wife's and she's not at all happy about the loss of her profile.

Dave Addison
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