[Samba] winbind on AIX

Roylance, Stephen D. SROYLANCE at PARTNERS.ORG
Tue Mar 18 20:46:07 GMT 2003

I'm trying to get Samba on AIX 5.1 to work in appliance-like mode.  I would
like NT domain users to get automatically and persistently mapped to
AIX/Unix users.  This stuff seemed to work fine without much effort on
Solaris 9, but AIX is a different story, and I'm new to AIX as well.  AIX
5.1 doesn't use nss so winbind, in its current form, can't work.  I saw a
post from January that indicated winbind needed to be re-expressed as an AIX
'loadable authentication module', can anyone tell me how much work that will
be, and if there is anyone working on it?

Can someone point me to information on how smbd and winbindd interact?  How
does smbd ask winbind to map a new NT user that hasn't been seen before?
How does smbd access the mapping from NT sid to Unix uid, does it access
winbind's database directly somehow?  I don't need to be able to resolve the
Unix uid's corresponding to windows users from Unix.  It is OK that files on
samba shares appear only with numeric uids from unix.  Is there a mode where
smbd interacts directly with winbind, avoiding going through the nss layer,
which doesn't exist on AIX?

I've tried both 2.2.8 and3-alpha22 with pretty similar results.  I can
configure and run winbindd, wbinfo works, but smbd won't authenticate NT
users unless they map to existing Unix users already in the passwd file.

Any guidance is appreciated,
Steve Roylance

P.S.- A couple minor issues w/ 3-alpha22
SWAT's http authentication doesn't seem to work correctly in 3-alpha22.
I input a WINS server IP address and set WINS mode to 'client of another
WINS server' on the wizard pane in swat.  After I committed the changes the
WINS server textbox contained a few high-ascii characters instead of the
dotted-quad IP address.  The IP address was correct in smb.conf, however.

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