[Samba] character problems with samba & netatalk

Malte Weber m_weber at wiwa.de
Tue Mar 18 12:21:00 GMT 2003

Hi Folks,

let me describe the situation we have here:

a mixed network with 4 Macs (Mac OS 9) and currently one PC (W**dows 
XP). We have set up a linux-based server with netatalk and Samba 
(2.2.7) The files formerly based on one of the PowerMacs have been 
copied to the NetAtalk Volume which now should be shared with the 
SMB-based users. As most of the filenames do contain Umlauts or other 
special characters, netatalk uses the ':AB'-style 3-byte-hex-conversion 
of those characters. As we have evaluated the available documentation, 
we have found the 'coding system'-parameter for japanese characters. 
This is apparently of no use for us. My question now is:
Is there any possibility to get a correct representation of the 
hex-encoded characters on the windows-based workstations? The character 
set used on the server is ISO-8859-1, the PC uses codepage 850. 
Netatalk is set to ISO-8859-1 as well.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,

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