[Samba] cpu load too high?

Samium Gromoff deepfire at ibe.miee.ru
Tue Mar 18 08:19:17 GMT 2003

	The box is a p2-300/128M, one 10mbit NIC.
	During a testload of a client doing a streaming write (storing a single large file)
  the server experiences userspace loads (as expressed by top) of ~45% cpu by the smbd process.
	The write rate sustains at ~430-450 kbytes/s.

		read-raw=yes/no (no diff)
		write-raw=yes/no (no diff)
		kernel oplocks=yes
		blocking locks=yes
		fake oplocks=no
		level2 oplocks=yes
		socket options=(|TCP_NODELAY) (|SO_SNDBUF=8192) (|SO_RCVBUF=8192) (no diff)
regards, Samium Gromoff

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