[Samba] Samba and Windows XP

J.P. Cummins jpc797s at smsu.edu
Tue Mar 18 06:37:10 GMT 2003

After messing arround with the configutation, I found a work arround.  
In the global section, use user level access, encrypt passwords, and set 
'map to guest = Bad User'.  With this configuration you can allow guests 
to certain folders, while restricting others. This configuration was the 
only way I was able to achieve 'share level access' without WinXP 
restricting the username. 

J.P. Cummins wrote:

> I have set up a SMB server with share level access and password 
> encryption enabled.  When I access Samba from WinXP it prompts me for 
> a username and password, which is what I want.  However, the username 
> is greyed out (filled in with 'linuxbox\Guest').  Any suggestions on 
> how to fix this?
>   J.P. Cummins
>   jpc797s at smsu.edu

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