[Samba] Smbpasswd without prompt?

Tiago Cruz tiagocruz18 at uol.com.br
Mon Mar 17 19:30:36 GMT 2003

I forget the script :-(

  $file = "king.txt";
  if ( -e $file ) {
     open(arq, $file) or die "Não foi possivel abrir o arquivo";
     @linhas = <arq>;
     while (@linhas[$i]) {
        ($login, $nome, $depto) = split(/\|/, @linhas[$i]);
           system "/usr/sbin/useradd -p $passwd $login -g $depto";
           system "/usr/bin/smbpasswd -a $login $passwd";

Thanks again!!!
Tiago Cruz

Em Seg, 2003-03-17 às 16:17, Tiago Cruz escreveu:
> Hello again! :-)
> Mine he doubts he is with relation to smbpasswd, would like to add to an
> user and a password standard from one script (*in botton), but I did not
> obtain to eliminate prompt requesting the new password and password
> verification, like make in useradd.
> This is possible? I use Red Hat 8.0 box with a Samba 3.0 Alpha running a
> PDC.
> Me he seems that alone it functions compiling with support the LDAP,
> correct? I Installed with a simple RPM package :-)
> Very Thanks in advance
> Regards
> Tiago Cruz
> Org. King de Contab. S/C Ltda.
> Linux User #282636

[ ]'s

Tiago Cruz
Org. King de Contab. S/C Ltda.
Linux User #282636

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