[Samba] Windows XP SMBecho request every 30-33 secs

Leroy van Logchem Leroy.vanLogchem at wldelft.nl
Mon Mar 17 08:39:23 GMT 2003

> Well, it sounds like WinXP is trying to avoid the nasty consequences of
> a dead connection - or it might have something todo with the 'offline
> file cache'.  Either way, I think that ignoring the smbecho as
> 'activity' would probably be a bad idea.
> In this case it's a bit of a pity that the cost of processing that echo
> is so high, but I can't really see a good way around it.

First guess: The inactive smbd proces has to be wake-up/swapin etc.
, thats what's taking it's time on a low-memory system. The 'ping' itself
doesnt take that much resources imo. Trough money at the problem ;-)

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