[Samba] Profiles problem

Grigory Holomiev om at olviko.ru
Mon Mar 17 07:32:25 GMT 2003

On Sat, 2003-03-15 at 19:50, Raj Saxena wrote:
> Hi Grigory,
>           I just implemented my server about 3 months ago and i tend to find
> some weird things here and there. Try to shut these machines down for 15-30
> mins. Then turn them back on and see if you get this error. The reasoning
> for this is if you remember in nt4 the elections tend to happen every 15 min
> from nt4 servers to see who is browse master.
> I know it's a long shot and it may not be the right solution but give it a
> try.
No master browser is exactly samba's servers and with it is all Ok.
Problems IMHO in samba's profiles working...

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