[Samba] Seperate servers for home directory space and logins

Bryan Helmkamp bhelmkamp at catholiccentral.net
Mon Mar 17 05:30:19 GMT 2003

   I'm trying to run the PDC for my domain on a seperate server from the
home directory space.  Also, I want each user to be able to FTP in with
their domain username and password and access files in their home
directory and only -their- home directory.
   It seems that I would need a seperate linux account for every user on
the home directory server in order to fulfill my FTP requirement.  Then
the problem of syncing passwords between two linux servers appears.  I'd
like to avoid this if at all possible.
   I can't seem to find any documentation on implementing a system like
this.  I thought of mounting the home directories on the PDC server, but
then I think both the PDC and home directory server's system resources
would be used when a user accesses a file.
   I know I need "security = user" on the PDC server, and I think I need
"security = server" on the home directory server.
   I've looked in to Kerberos, and unfortunatly it is not an option at
the moment.

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated,


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