[Samba] I feel abandoned

Sun Mar 16 16:45:41 GMT 2003

Hello friends,  
I am Brazilian and I don't know how to write as well as I speak in English.
I am using a translator.  
Good, I find strange this list.. It is the first list in the last 12 years
in that I write but NOBODY ANSWERS ME. I try to always order examples than
this happening me but NOBODY answers me. I don't believe that the
desenvolvedores is not interested in the problems caused by the software,
and so a little that my problems are so ONLY since I installed LINUX+SAMBA +
WINBIN in 15 places and in the 15it gave problem. The errors are always the
same ones. 
Impossible that nobody has had problems with the autentication and winbind.
The MOST INCREDIBLE is that in the google don't appear clear answers
although they exist more than 15 cases same to mine.  
What to do?  To who to SCREAM?   
To have a list for solving SIMPLE problems I don't think the case.  
Hugs and excuse for the relief, but I feel abandoned.

Franco Catena
tel 011-44374040
NEXTEL: 55*26006*1
MSN: facdavilla at hotmail.com
ICQ: 24755602

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