[Samba] How can I login at home and work

Elijah Savage esavage at digitalrage.org
Sun Mar 16 12:49:31 GMT 2003

You're not going to be able to login to both domains from your portable.
Windows 2k or XP does not support this. Once you put this machine in a
domain that is the only domain it can be a part of without removing it
from your work domain and adding it to your home domain every time you
want to login. And your privileges on the machine probably do not allow
you to remove the machine from the domain at work, I know mine does not.

But for me I have the same thing I just come home and login to the
machine and I can still see my samba box and shares from my portable
without doing all that crap. You just have to make sure you set the
permissions right on the shares. When you try to access a samba share
from your portable it should simply ask you for username and password if
you enter the correct credentials you should be in very simple.

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I have a windows 2000 professional portable, with a user account that
logs in 
to a domain at work (this account seems to give me administrator
on the machine, although it is not the adminstrator acccount of the

At home I have a small lan with a linux server running samba (set as
browse master) and providing file sharing and access to a colour
printer. The 
server also servers dhcp addresses and provides a gateway out to the 
internet.  There is also a windows 98 machine on the lan which shares

I would like to access these resources from the user account on my
but the workgroup does not seem to appear in my "network places".
(although I 
do have network access out to the internet).

How can I set up to get access to these resources?

I tried following the howto on making the samba server a domain
controller - 
and then attempted to join the portable to it (from my user account) but
failed to recognise any username or password (and I tried combination of

accounts including root etc).  I also tried setting "log level" to 10 in

smb.conf - but it didn't give me any information I could understand.

Step by step instructions (to which I can ask questions or give feedback
would be nice.

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