[Samba] How can I login at home and work

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Sun Mar 16 10:30:02 GMT 2003

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I have a windows 2000 professional portable, with a user account that logs in 
to a domain at work (this account seems to give me administrator priveleges 
on the machine, although it is not the adminstrator acccount of the machine).

At home I have a small lan with a linux server running samba (set as workgroup 
browse master) and providing file sharing and access to a colour printer. The 
server also servers dhcp addresses and provides a gateway out to the 
internet.  There is also a windows 98 machine on the lan which shares its 

I would like to access these resources from the user account on my portable, 
but the workgroup does not seem to appear in my "network places". (although I 
do have network access out to the internet).

How can I set up to get access to these resources?

I tried following the howto on making the samba server a domain controller - 
and then attempted to join the portable to it (from my user account) but it 
failed to recognise any username or password (and I tried combination of 
accounts including root etc).  I also tried setting "log level" to 10 in 
smb.conf - but it didn't give me any information I could understand.

Step by step instructions (to which I can ask questions or give feedback here) 
would be nice.

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Alan Chandler
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