[Samba] client VPN disconnects samba shares

Pat Schlehuber pat at schlehuber.net
Sat Mar 15 20:26:34 GMT 2003

I am running Samba 2.2.7a in domain mode .. all is great.

I have a XP user on my local network that connects to samba as a domain user - so far so good.

This users also has a Cisco VPN client for connecting over the internet to another application at a service bureau. When the VPN client is activated, all traffic from this machine is only forwarding network traffic over the VPN pipe. Obviously, this causes a problem with my Samba shares as they are no longer available. When the VPN client is shutdown all is well again.

The VPN configuration is provided by the service bureau so I have no control over its configuration. 

My local network is DHCP controlled using 192.168.0.*/24 and the VPN pipe is connected to a public address over the internet connection. I am using WINS on the Samba server, put I still cannot ping anything on my local network.

I may be answering my own question, but do I need to get the service bureau to supply me with a VPN configuration that places everything over the VPN Pipe except for 192.168.0.* addresses?

Any thoughts?

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