[Samba] want to access a Windows Share from a Red Hat 8 linux box

Brian Wiese bwiese at cotse.com
Sat Mar 15 09:53:51 GMT 2003

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 18:16:11 -0500
"David Jackson" <DJackson at floridaforms.com> wrote:

|I have a domain and both servers are members of the domain.
|I want to access a windows share from the Red hat 8 server?
|Do I use mount or smbmount?

You could use either.  You should be able to mount and unmount samba
shares with smbmount and smbumount commands given you have all of the
permissions (to mount, to use the mount point, samba share user access). 
You can also use the mount command with the "-t smbfs" option that
specifies the fs type to be smbfs.  You could even add this line to your
/etc/fstab to automount the share, and let normal users mount the share.

//windows_server/shared_folder /linux_local_folder smbfs rw,auto,user 0 0

|I have been trying to use smbmount with the username option.
|However, it keeps denying me access.
|Here is what i type:
|smbmount //windows_server/shared_folder /linux_local_folder
|username=davidj After it asks for password, it rejects me with ErrMsg.

What is the error message? Bad password?

First, try to add "-o" to your command to specify the option "username=",
I've forgotten this before...

smbmount service mount-point [ -o options ]

If the share is restricted access (unix perms or samba perms), you also
need to make sure you have the proper permissions.  Try to mount it as the
samba user on the server who would have access to mount it (as specified
with your "username=davidj" option), and then provide the samba password
for it.  Reset your samba password with the smbpasswd command as root
(smbpasswd davidj) or user davidj (smbpasswd).


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