[Samba] Win2k and Printing (Solved)

Martin Fluch fluch at rock.helsinki.fi
Sat Mar 15 06:17:54 GMT 2003

Thanxs Daniel and Joel for your help (and pointing out the obvious :-) !

After "use client driver" parameter it works nicely, maybe I try the
print$ share next...

- Martin

On Fri, 14 Mar 2003 daniel.jarboe at custserv.com wrote:

> man smb.conf /Access Denied (or /Unable to connect)
> Turns up the "use client driver" parameter.  Best way to deal with this
> problem, which occurs when you have w2k and XP users who install drivers
> locally and are local admins, is to not have them install the drivers
> locally (use the print$ share).  Second best is to use client driver =
> yes, which has some side-affects but gets the job done.
> ~ Daniel
> >We have one Win98 and two Win2k machines, the first one has no
> >problems. With the Win2k I can print but I canot access the printing
> >queue: I get always the message "Unable to connect: Access denied."
> >message when I try to open the queue window. This hapened with the
> >LPRNG system I have tried and now also with the CUPS printing
> >system.
> >I tried to do look in the web for an answer, and it seems that this
> >issue is not uncommon, but somehow I didn't find the right hint
> >sofar.

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