[Samba] Samba PDC and MMC - Problems changing password of services

JJunge at paritaet-th.de JJunge at paritaet-th.de
Fri Mar 14 14:53:08 GMT 2003


im using Samba as PDC.
When im logging into another W2K machine
with MMC an try to change the password
of a service, windows is bringing up the error:
"A device attached to the system is not functioning."

To be exact, this is error:
Winerror.h, 0x000001f = 31 (ERROR_GEN_FAILURE)

If you change the Password of the service on the machine itself
(sitting in front of the machine) it's not a problem.

Some data about the our PDC:
      - SuSE 8.1
      - Kernel 2.4.19 (precompiled binary for SuSE 8.1)
      - Samba 2.2.7a (precompiled binary for SuSE 8.1)
      - The server is the only PDC with no BDC
         There is no MS Server present
      - Every User is domain admin
         domain admin group = @users
      - Password is encrypted
         encrypt passwords = yes
      - Standard smbpasswd
         (no LDAP, no PAM, ...)

Some Data about the Clients:
      - Windows 2000 SP3
      - All member of the domain
      - Every User is a local Admin
      - There are no local accounts on the machine except
         an local admin account. The local admin acccount has
         no permission to access the PDC.

We are using Sophos Antivirus and the SAVADMIN is having the
same Problem, in change Parameters of the local Service.

A strange thing is, that some people can change there password
from the client by using ctrl+alt+del "change password" and some
can't do. The error Message ist something like
"The original password is wrong".

I think it has something to do with rpc-call and there authentication,
but i'm absolutly not sure.



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