[Samba] can't see a security tab

Brian Vaughan bvaughan at fame.com
Thu Mar 13 16:01:30 GMT 2003

I have two version 2.2.7a servers running on a unix/NT network (NT PDC)
One server behaves correctly and the other server doesn't.

The misbehaving one lets me see the shares, files, etc, but if I 
right-click on a share or file and select properties, I get a dialog box 
        "The server web does not accept remote requests.

The resulting properties then only contains 2 tabs, 'General' and 
'Customize'.  There is no 'Security' tab.

both smb.conf files contain:
    encrypt passwords = Yes
    security = domain
    workgroup = "DEVP"
    password server = *

and both have been added to the domain.

Any ideas?


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