[Samba] (Fwd) vfs_recycle and create mode 770

Marcel Mohr marcel.mohr at emz-berlin.de
Thu Mar 13 15:50:24 GMT 2003

I'd like to use the recycle as a per machine recycler using the option 
'name = .recycle/%m' (because we just use some usernames 
without passwords, and not because of the adminstrators abilties, but for a better 
workflow with a lot of different projects and people working on them.)
But if a directory is created the vfs recycle uses the rights 700, and i have found 
no way around it (maybe editing recycle.h or vfs.h, but i don't think im good 
The Problem is: 
User A is deleting a directory. This directory is the being created and the file is 
being moved to that place. But then the dirctory is created with 700.
User B is deleting a subdirectory within that directory created from User A but isn't 
allowed to do so and therefore the files will be purged.

How can I change the create mode to 770.

My thoughts till now:
force create/directory mode helps nothing, think it's hidden somewhere in the vfs 
a cron job to change the rights would be a little insecure, because for one hour 
the recycle isn't working.

Marcel Mohr


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