[Samba] 2000 and XP cannot join PDC, (but NT can)

Steve Jr Ramage sjr at sjrx.net
Thu Mar 13 02:46:28 GMT 2003

I'm running Samba 2.2.3a-12, on Debian 3.0r0, kernel: 2.2.20. 
I am trying to get my machines to join the domain, but alas nothing has
worked so far. My XP and 2000 machine give different errors (but upon
changing the Domain name to something other than the set one a different
error appears). 2000 and XP asks for a user/pass that has permission on
joining the domain. Which account is it? I have already added the
machine to the /etc/passwd and to smbpasswd as a machine... When I put
in the user/pass 2000 reports that the network path was not found, and
XP reports access is denied. The NT Machine is fine, any ideas? 

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