[Samba] Mandatory profile changes languagesetting

Tarjei tarjei at nu.no
Wed Mar 12 17:55:55 GMT 2003


I've set up a domain where some of my users are using mandatory profiles
to logon to the network. However, I got one problem that just doesn't go

When my users log on, they do not get the correct keyboard setting -
even if it is the same as configured for the mandatory user + all other
users on the client machine. Instead the users get the us-keyboard

Also the users are not allowed to install og modify printers using
mandatory profiles.

Does anyone know what is causing this? Has anyone experienced the same

If this is an ACL issue, how do I debug it? 
(I've already set nt acl support= no on the profile share.

RH 8.0 using default samba w/ Samba-tng as dc. Profileshare on samba. 

Share setup:
create mode = 0770
oplocks = no
nt acl support = no
 comment = profiles
 path = /home/samba/profiles
 read only = no
 public = yes

The mandatory profile dir is set up so no user may write to it, but they
got r-x perms on all the files there. 

I would be happy for any help in solving this.


Tarjei <tarjei at nu.no>
Natur og Ungdom

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