[Samba] Re: Printers Icon

pamela.wade at srs.gov pamela.wade at srs.gov
Wed Mar 12 17:38:44 GMT 2003

Actually when accessing the resource from Windows2000, I am seeing the 
Printers icon, but on Windows98, I am only seeing the shared resource.  I 
don't want the Printers Icon to be viewable at all, regardless of the 
Windows OS type.

Pamela M. Wade
IT Systems Engineering

Pamela Wade

03/12/2003 12:31 PM

        To:     samba at lists.samba.org
        Subject:        Printers Icon 

I have installed Samba2.2.7a on an Ultra5 Solaris 8 Operating System.  The 
smb.conf file has been configured and all appears to work fine.  However, 
along with my shared resource, I am seeing the Printers icon.  I only want 
to use Samba to share resources, and not for printing. Is there a way to 
make the Printers Icon invisible?  I already tried the hide files, and 
veto files parameters in the smb.conf file, but that did not appear to 
work.  Any suggestions????

Pamela M. Wade
IT Systems Engineering

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