[Samba] Problems with Samba as PDC

Andre Meiske A.Meiske at web.de
Wed Mar 12 16:56:19 GMT 2003

I've got an ugly problem... hope somebody can help:

I upgraded from Samba 2.2.5a to 2.2.7a yesterday (SuSE RPM update). 
Since then, all connected Windows computers show strange behaviour: 
Depending on the computer, only a few selected users can log in - but 
the users able to log in change from computer to computer. None of 
them have any local accounts on the machines in question, just the 
global Samba-managed Domain account. Additionally, on some machines I 
can log in as 'Administrator' (being an alias for the Linux-side 
account 'root', defined in smbusers) whereas on most other machines I 
need to log in as 'root'. 

Any suggestions where I should look or how I could debug this problem? 
Setting the debuglevel to 10 and trying to log in just floods me with 
messages I don't quite understand. Only real difference between 
successful logins and unsuccessful logins is that for the 
unsuccessful logins there's never a line saying 

  'smb_password_ok: Checking SMB password for user <user>'

This line only shows up in the logs for successful logins.

I'm grateful for any kind of help
  Andre Meiske

PS: After I temporarily downgraded back to 2.2.5a, the problem 
remained, and even a self-compiled Samba 2.2.7a shows the same 
strange behaviour, so I think it's a configuration setting - I just 
can't find anything.

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