[Samba] Samba BDC and secrets.tdb question

Robert Styma stymar at agcs.com
Wed Mar 12 14:09:53 GMT 2003

I have a question about setting up a samba BDC
(with a samba PDC).

I am running Samba as the PDC on a small network.
Other Unix boxes on the network are running
	security = DOMAIN
	encrypt passwords = Yes
	update encrypted = Yes
	password server =

So they make use of the PDC for smbmount and smbsh
applications.  The W2K box also uses Samba at the PDC.

I want to set up a Redhat 8 box as a BDC.
smbpasswd -S 
got the machine ID informationa across to the secrets.tbd per
the BDC howto.  Later it the document, it says I have to blindly
copy the secrets.tbd from the PDC to the BDC.  It also says I have
to change from "security = DOMAIN" to "security = USER"

This appears to indicate that the BDC will now use it's own authentication
information rather than defering to the PDC. 
1.  Is this true?

2.  Blindly copying the secrets.tbd across seems a dangerous idea.
    Is there an equivalent to smbpasswd -S which just copies across 
    the relevant data.?

3.  If not, is it really safe to copy secrets.tbd from the PDC to the BDC?
    I do not want to foul things up trying to get the BDC to work.
    I am not ready to try switching to LDAP, although I will do this if it is
    the only way.

Thanks for any help.

Robert E. Styma 
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