[Samba] Re: How to verify the domain secret is good or bad?

Scott Prive scottprive at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 11 21:23:29 GMT 2003

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Subject: How to verify the domain secret is good or bad?

> I know there is the command "wbinfo -t".  But when it says that "could not
> check secret", how do I know it's the secret is bad, or something else
> like winbind went crazy maybe?
> Also, sometimes I saw problems like "wbinfo -t" just says "secret is bad",
> when all the daemons were running.  It sure was good at some point before.
> So my question is, in what condition that the secret can go bad?  How do I
> check it?

The pdc-secret thing is something I don't completely understand, but I *do*
know that secret-testing is done loosely over the network. A bad secret does
not mean conclusively that the secret is bad... it means that the test was
not successful. So you can get "secret is bad" if for example the network is
congested, etc. and the compare did not occur in time.

Sometimes I've joined a domain and still got this error. If I wait 60
seconds are re-run wbinfo -t, I get a 'secret is good'.

Also, I believe the secret can go bad if you change hostname or some other
info. I'm not entirely sure what all the possible failures are.


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