[Samba] Small/Medium Samba Install

Jim Wharton jwharton at acpafl.org
Tue Mar 11 21:06:41 GMT 2003

4.11? 3.12...yikes. I have done this but only with 50 users. The printer
spooling was the only part that gave me any trouble. But that was quickly
resolved. Runs like a champ(just like NetWare 3.12).

LDAP is NDS/Active Directory without the pretty GUI apps and the "smarts"
ripped out. In the case of Microsoft "smarts", that's not really a bad
thing. Once you configure slurpd, your samba domain controllers will stay in


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> I am currently researching the possibility of slowly moving
> an existing
> Novell network [with all Windows clients except mine :)] to something
> Linux based. I have about 900 clients that would be slowly migrated if
> this whole thing is feasible. The version of NetWare we are
> using now is
> no longer "officially supported" from Novell, so it is
> becoming more and
> more difficult to successfully make newer hardware work with the old
> software. Out of the 900 users, there are probably about 200 actual
> "power users" that would be doing all their work (intense graphic
> plublications) directly from the server, and the remaining do
> basic file
> sharing, and mostly just have a login for authentication. Lastly, I
> would need the Samba server to spool print jobs from the clients and
> send them to HP JetDirect printers...
> Is this something feasible with Samba?
> The next question would be the user administration setup. I know in a
> perfect world, LDAP would probably be best. After some preliminary
> research, LDAP kind of makes my head spin... But Rome wasn't
> built in a
> day either...
> I started googling some possibilities, but haven't come up
> with a whole
> lot to point me in a direction. Is anyone using something
> similar, that
> can point me in a few specific directions?
> Thanks for the help
> --
> :wq!
>   Matthew Daubenspeck
>   http://www.oddprocess.org

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