[Samba] Small/Medium Samba Install

Matthew Daubenspeck matt at oddprocess.org
Tue Mar 11 20:43:11 GMT 2003

I am currently researching the possibility of slowly moving an existing
Novell network [with all Windows clients except mine :)] to something
Linux based. I have about 900 clients that would be slowly migrated if
this whole thing is feasible. The version of NetWare we are using now is
no longer "officially supported" from Novell, so it is becoming more and
more difficult to successfully make newer hardware work with the old
software. Out of the 900 users, there are probably about 200 actual
"power users" that would be doing all their work (intense graphic
plublications) directly from the server, and the remaining do basic file
sharing, and mostly just have a login for authentication. Lastly, I
would need the Samba server to spool print jobs from the clients and
send them to HP JetDirect printers...

Is this something feasible with Samba?

The next question would be the user administration setup. I know in a
perfect world, LDAP would probably be best. After some preliminary
research, LDAP kind of makes my head spin... But Rome wasn't built in a
day either...

I started googling some possibilities, but haven't come up with a whole
lot to point me in a direction. Is anyone using something similar, that
can point me in a few specific directions?

Thanks for the help

  Matthew Daubenspeck
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