[Samba] trimmed down .conf (ie, what swat does)

bkrusic at yahoo.com bkrusic at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 17:41:11 GMT 2003


After some thought, I decided to do what Swat does in
cleaning up my smb.conf and only having in there the
functional lines.

This was done before a massive render kicked off last

My observations, but fist my env;

-4xRH7.3/8.0 Duel Zeon 2GHz at 1GB ram file servers
running Samba 2.2.7 and SGI_XFS 1.1-1.2 file system at
.7TB-1TBGB each.
-pure gig-e network using Foundry FastIron3
-flat single vlan network, pure TCP/IP with larger
than default TCP window size (256K).
-mixed MacOSX/Linux/Winblowz OS
-60 proc render farm as well as using ~30 client
desktops as they are mixed duel Athlon/duel Zeon no
less than 2GHz/1-2GB ram.

Results, after trimming down the phat in smb.conf to
bare minumum, render times decreased ~25%.  The bases
of this is that just about every night, we render the
same amount of stuff so I am comparing apples to

I don't have time to do a thourough bench mark of file
xfer times but more later.  I keep tight controls and
observations of the infra structure so nothing else
new was introduced and nothing else changed (using
ethereal, mrtg, and other snmp and web based network
managment stuff, and tcpdump ofcourse :).

Just wanted to give you all the skinny as I am pretty


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