[Samba] "Failed to create stdout file decriptor" while adding a printer

rvt at dds.nl rvt at dds.nl
Tue Mar 11 11:57:59 GMT 2003

Hi List,

I receive to above message in my logfile when I try to add a printer.

My addprinter.sh script contains this and has root:root, 0755 rights
echo "Add: $1 $2 $3 $4 $5" >> /tmp/addprinter
(just for debugging perpose..., it's never been called at all)

The important part of [global] contains:

load priners = yes
printing = lprng
printer admin = ries, @ntadmin
show add printer wizard = yes
addprinter command = /etc/samba/scripts/addprinter.sh
admin user = ries

I login as user Ries, and I can see from the logs that samba set the uid to 0

Now when I try to install the printer all the driver files are copyed to my 
print$ share and I can see it when I go to that share.

But at the point when samba wants to call addprinter.sh I get the message 
lib/smbrun.c:smbrun(148) "Failed to create stdout file descriptor"

anybody a clue what's going on?

One funny thing that it works only after I stop/start smbd/nmbd, I cannot 
figure out the exact behafure on this wy I does work after a stop/start


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