[Samba] WindowsXP Slow to display Sub Dir and file tree's

Coreix Systems - UNIX Developers craigrm at coreixsystems.com.au
Tue Mar 11 10:00:35 GMT 2003

Recently configured a client with new server Unfortunately the PDC / Backup
Machine is
an NT4.0 Machine, {Updated with all current Service packs}\

I configured several departmental servers with FreeBSD & samba, these then push
files to the NT Machine for
nightly backup, one at a time through perl script.

I have also configured a samba server to run WINS and DHCP only, for the
All clients machines are configured to point to this machine for those
protocols, and they
have "defiantly" been disabled on the NT Server.

On Windows 95' 98' 2000 machines browsing on the samba servers sub dir's on
shares is almost instant,
root files in that share and all sub dir's appear in Windows Explorer within
less than a second.
Even large tree's with say over 1000 sub dir's in the tree, are very fast.

However, on WindowsXP machines browsing the same shares / Dir Tree's can take
many seconds, for the refresh of the explorer to display them, sometimes 3 - 30
seconds, When Opening these share's through word/excel
you can just forget it and go for the coffee machine... However on 95' 98' 2000'
machine's its fine.?

Any one with some idea's.


Craig R. Marshall
B.E (Hons), M.Eng.Sc., MIEEE, CCNA
Senior Software Engineer, IP Telecommunications
& Terrestrial Systems Engineer.
Coreix Systems Australia
mailto:craigrm at coreixsystems.com.au

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