A few swat comments. was:Re: [Samba] Does the SWAT tool come with the Red Hat 8.0 distribution?

mark mark at r3x.org
Tue Mar 11 06:24:49 GMT 2003

Since we seem to be discussing the merits of swat, I'll add my two

I don't use swat either, but I did try it and the things about it that I
think could be improved are:

1.  Backup the original smb.conf (if any).  While it could be said that
that is the users job, I was more than slightly irritated that my
original smb.conf was gone after making changes using swat.  I wouldn't
think that that would be too hard to implement and the advantage is that
even if a diff between the original and the new smb.conf weren't
recognizable, a diff with the output of testparm from the old and new
would be.

2. Don't have swat bind itself to every available IP address by default.
That just scares me. I'd much rather have something bind to localhost
only to start out with and then let me change it if I needed to. I
understand that this would result in quite a few questions like, "Why
can't I access swat?", but I still think it's better practice.  

3.  The 901 port just sucks.  Pick a cool one like 22 or 25 or 110.
Well, 110 isn't so cool, but 25, wowza!


ps.  comment 3. was a joke.  I couldn't handle only having two comments.


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