[Samba] WINS servers and browsing

richard rcoates at bigpond.net.au
Tue Mar 11 02:32:38 GMT 2003

if you use more than one wins server then you will need to synchronise
them to resolve remote names. samba does not support this. We use one
wins server for many samba-domains effectively.
I see you are using "remote announce". You should not normally need this
with one only wins server. (unless special requirements?)
Your pw1 config below is configured as a local master for its workgroup
"pw" ..your config:   domain master = no
where is its domain master browser? If you wish "pw1" to be a dom-master
then change the above line to .. domain master = yes . IF these are the
only pcs in your network to be affected by this??? then ..
"pw1" as "pw" domain-master, local-master, wins-to-> ch1 ,(remove remote
"ch1" as "ch" domain-master, local-master, wins-server, (remove remote
hint:for testing I suggest starting win-server first, then other
servers. The network will take a little time to stabilize.
TO BE AFFECTED , and the routing/firewalling is ok...
Now if I haven't made any errors? it should all just work!! whew..
Richard Coates.

On Tue, 2003-03-11 at 02:07, Morgan Toal wrote:
> Well, I've asked a couple times already but I will ask one more, since I still havent' managed to get any further.
> We have several sites. Each site has it's own network and domain. 
> We are connected via a WAN.
> Is the best practice to have one WINS server for each site?
> Or is a single WINS server for the WAN the way to go?
> Right now I have a single WINS server for the WAN. 
> I CAN NOT browse between networks correctly.
> How do I test WINS anyway?
> Thanks,
> mtoal
> Here's some config info:
> Network, CH domain
> ch1 (rh7.3, CH domain controller, wins server)
> ch2 (w2k, app server, set ch1 for wins manually)
> mtoal (w2k, my computer, set ch1 for wins manually)
> Network, PW domain
> pw1 (rh7.3, samba, PW domain controller)
> pw2 (w2k, app server, set ch1 for wins manually)
> streetsmary (w2k, example machine, ch1 for wins via dhcp)
> ch1 is set up as the WINS server for the whole WAN:
> netbios name = ch1
> workgroup = ch
> os level = 64
> preferred master = yes
> domain master = yes
> local master = yes wins support = yes
> remote announce =
> remote browse sync =
> name resolve order = wins lmhosts
> pw1 is set up to use ch1 as it's WINS server, and is
> set up to be the local master browser on its subnet:
> netbios name = pw1
> workgroup = pw
> domain master = no
> local master = yes
> preferred master = yes
> os level = 64
> wins support = no
> wins server =
> name resolve order = wins lmhosts 
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