[Samba] Re: XP "logon failure" but still logs on -- no roaming profile

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Mon Mar 10 20:44:23 GMT 2003

> sorry I've deleted your original message... ahh maybe we need to start
> again. Could I suggest you follow the diagnostic procedure in the docs.
> From memory its diagnosis.txt ..its very logical and explains things as
> you go. Then we'll have something to go on.

Attached is the original message I posted (including the links to the log
file captures I made).

>From the Diagnosis File  (everything looks good to me)

Test1:	no errors (one warning about some share names being longer than 8

Test2:	Both machines can ping the other (time=0.5ms).

Test3:	Anonymous login successful (no password).  All shares are shown.
	The client can map and access all drives.

Test4:	Primary IP address of server is returned.  The client sits on a
	second ethernet card and thus different subnet that the primary
	address, but this doesn't seem to make any difference.  The server
	has no firewall rules and forwards all packets between interfaces.

Test5:	The client IP address is returned correctly.

Test6:	This did a broadcast test on the primary ethernet interface and
	thus received responses from the two servers (the local machine
	and one other) instead of a response from the client on the second
	ethernet subnet.  I added a "-B" (6 bit subnet) and then
	received a response from the client XP machine.

Test7:	Connection to "tmp" works with both anonymous (guest) login and for
	a real userid.

Test8:	The "net view" works when logged in to the XP client as me, but not
	when logged in as Administrator.  It also worked when telnetting in
	to cygwin as root.

Test9:	Connection to \\BIGSERVER\TMP worked fine though I was not prompted
	for a password.  I was able to create and delete a file from the
	mapped directory.

Test10:	The server was found as the master browser.  Again, I had to add
	"-B" to get it to look on the secondary ethernet.

Test11:	The XP client can browse the server and see shares.  It sees it under
	"My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network/precidia"
	but I assmue this is correct.  Also at the same level as the
	"precidia" domain is "workgroup" which is the workgroup (not
	domain) managed by the other server.  Clicking on that shows
	no machines under that workgroup even though the other server
	knows about many.

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