[Samba] Does the SWAT tool come with the Red Hat 8.0 distribution?

bkrusic at yahoo.com bkrusic at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 18:22:46 GMT 2003

> SWAT does NOT 'butcher' your smb.conf, but it does
> strip out all comments,
I feel notes are crucial in any config file.  Comments
in a config file or program are key in both reminding
you of what, when and why you did something and
letting other readers of your files know the same.

> it does optimise smb.conf for maximum efficiency.
I don't see how eliminating comments would give you
any kind of noticable auth or file xfer time.

> wild assertions that SWAT is a destructive tool!
Eliminating comments is destructive.

> So what are you doign as an open source consumer to
> help get this sorted
> out?
Post my observations and mods as you've read here in
the past.

> Again, constructive criticism
Thats a relative argument.


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