[Samba] Win2k, Domain logon, permissions

Brock Nanson bnanson at true.bc.ca
Mon Mar 10 17:08:12 GMT 2003

Hi Kurt,

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> brock,
> i did talk with my partner:
> he had a view issues, in which file access did strange things 
> with file 
> access. - *but on a local installation too*.

This can be the case, for sure!  However, I have that all cleaned up.
The project works fine except for this single command - which does work
properly if the project folders are copied to and run from the local
drive.  Samba has always been transparent for us... No Word/Excel
issues, AutoCAD is fine too - except for this command!

> can u test a clean local installation on a w2k too?

This is a clean install of Land3 (we only just received the install CD's
and haven't made the full transition from Land2i yet).  I'm going to
create a testing samba share to deal with this... Too much data to be
playing with on the real server!
> autocad opens files across different threats. - maybe one of 
> the arx is 
> to slow with closing or opens the file in a mode, that w2k 
> interpretes 
> as 'exclusive'?. (maybe there's a switch in your options.

This is along the lines of my thinking.  It's like AutoCAD is just
misconfigured on this one routine. The options for Land are minimal in
this area.  I can't find a setting for placement of this temporary file
- neither can my supplier.  The other temp settings don't seem to apply
to this routine.

> as far as i see now, u *must* use oplocks. - many threats 
> opens one file 
> at the same time.

I agree.  I removed the setting you suggested earlier once I knew it
didn't work.

> please try:
> http://usa.autodesk.com/
> support knowledgebase - i've found a view issues, but the best is, to 
> search with the command name and the exact error message. (i did not 
> find this in your posting)

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.... ;-)
> try to set temp files to local hdd.
> if u find something and let me know.
> but at this time i don't think, that it's a network issue.

I will keep you apprised.  I think there is a hint in the fact that I
can kill the samba daemons, immediately restart and the command works
properly.  But I do get an error when I try to save the drawing!



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