[Samba] ACL with Samba 3.22 + xfs with acl

Alex Murphy murphy at sgtp.samara.ru
Mon Mar 10 08:40:13 GMT 2003

The Regard!
Faced a problem distributions acl in SAMBA 3.22.
Ispolizetsya ADS+WINBINDD, PDC-Win2000, Samba - Server (xfs+acl).
When making the file in share resource are assigned authorities:
    all - for all
    domain users - winbindd considers the main by group domain users user - a 
name of the creator of the file At marks beside all authorities skim!
    Do the attempt to put(deliver) the marks beside any one of 
afore-mentioned, appear else two authorities : owner-group and owner-user, 
for which already it is impossible nothing change.
The Question: possible what hide owner-group and owner-user ?   


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