[Samba] not able to add machines on FreeBSD 4.7

AlF ddkh at libero.it
Sun Mar 9 23:38:04 GMT 2003

Brandon Hagedorn wrote:
> I'm setting up a new install of samba 2.2.7a on FreeBSD 4.7
>             Here's a little run-through of what I have done.
> I added a machine account in /etc/group as follows:
>             machines:*:201
>             I have added all of my machine accounts in to /etc/passwd as
> follows:


> this is the error I get ..
> User sclepy$ does not exist in system password file (usually
> /etc/passwd). Cannot add account without a valid local system user.
> Failed to modify password entry for user sclepy$
> Why is this happening..??

You have to use vipw to edit your accounts, infact after saving them
into /etc/passwd you have to update /etc/master.passwd too.
You can use pwd_mkdb command to do the same thing, I suppose, but I
prefer vipw to edit my accounts

Good luck

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