[Samba] Understanding windows 2000 clients

Alan Chandler alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
Sun Mar 9 21:36:17 GMT 2003

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Apologies if this has been discussed recently - I just joined the list and DID 
scan the archives, but couldn't find anything - but I may have missed it.

I need some help or pointers to documentation to send me on my way.  I am 
looking to connect in my WORK supplied portable into a HOME network with 
Samba running as a server. Try as I might, I have failed to succeed.

For some time now, I have had Win98 on my work portable, and I have understood 
what I am doing.  At work, I logged on to a domain (probably real NT 
servers), and at home I have had samba pretend to be the same domain.  So 
when I logged on at home I have been fine. I was using SHARE security.

As a result of some leavers I have recently been upgraded to a second hand but 
newer portable running windows 2000.  I have zero documentation to help me.  
The user management is a lot more complex AND I can no longer get it 
connected to my home server.

Accounts on Windows 2000 seem to have a combination of domain (machine) name 
and user name.  The machine has a complex id (ukp-a4puczgt39t) and there are 
an Adminstrator and Guest account related to this domain. I do NOT have 
access to this Administrator account.  

My account (chandlera) is related to the domain I have to logon at work 
(LOGICA-UK).  I was able to create this account whilst I was connected to the 
network at work,  although I do not have to be connected to the network to 
log on to this account whilst at home and get some access to the machine 
(although I seem to be loosing some of my start menu programs). I apparently 
have Administrator access with this account, so I have been able to install 
software etc.


I can't find any way to get the this Windows 2000 machine to log on to my home 
network.  I have 
a) Tried it set up as with the Win98 setup (ie workgroup = LOGICA-UK and share 
level security)
b) Creating a new workgroup and making Samba the domain controller (I have 
manually created the machine accounts). I then try and connect to that 

In this process, logged on as chandlera/LOGICA-UK I go into the control panel 
and select "System".  This puts up a tabbed dialog box and I select "Network 
Identification".  There are two buttons on this tab - and both seem to be 
capable of connection me to the domain.  However either on fails reporting 
user or password problems.

I have /etc/passwd set up with accounts for both the machine id(with a $ on 
the end) and a personal account for me (alan).  There is an 
/etc/samba/smbusers file with maps chandlera to the alan name with a line


in it. There is also an smbpasswd file with "root", "alan" and 
"ukp-a4puczgt39t$" entries in it.

I have tried putting log level = 100 and log level = 10 in my smb.conf, but I 
do not seem to get any info which would help me find out why I am getting 
logon failures for connecting.

Is there anyone out there who can

1)  Give me a run down, or point me to a document that explains the user and 
domain combination concept of windows 2000.  Can I set it up so that whilst I 
am at home I can

a) Logon to the home network to get hold of the resources here, AND
b) Without change (the only thing I should have to do should change the domain 
name), when I get to work, logon to the normal domain there.

2)  Tell me how I can find out why the smbd daemon is rejecting my logon 
attempts. The file log.smbd does not seem to even indicate what user names, 
machine names or domain names are being used.
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Alan Chandler
alan at chandlerfamily.org.uk
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